We’re Hillrise Capital, an independent research house focused on blockchain companies and crypto-assets. We strive to be a trusted source of high-quality reporting for this growing industry.

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About Us

We do more than just research and due diligence.

01. Analysis

Our research methodology is designed to reduce information costs and make complex technology understandable.

02. Strategy

Partnership architecture, strategic introductions, user onboarding, and go-to-market strategy.

03. PR & Marketing

Designing a tailored approach for community engagement, effective marketing, and public relations.


Our research is detailed, yet understandable. We have designed our methodology to cover all relevant components of a blockchain startup and their technology. All reports are available as both full and condensed versions for PDF download.

Morpheus Labs [MITX]


AMA Highlights – Energy Web Foundation

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Highlights from our Telegram AMA with Walter Kok and Micha Roon of the Energy Web Foundation.

AMA Highlights – CasperLabs

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Highlights from our Telegram AMA with Mrinal Manohar and Neil Kapoor of CasperLabs.

AMA Highlights – Chromia

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Highlights from our Telegram AMA with Henrik Hjelte and Or Perelman of Chromia.


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